You want to be a force for good?
We help you succeed.
Adessy focuses on enabling organisations to create a sustainable future and helping individuals in pursuit of making the world better.
We work with clients from around the world who push the limits of what is possible to achieve sustainable and tangible benefit for people, planet and profit.
We harness sustainability, innovation, consciousness and purpose.
We challenge, inspire and connect you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to create meaningful positive change.
What We Do

Adessy’s approach is underpinned by continuous improvement, transformational change and collaboration.

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together a diverse range of skills and experience to deliver. Each client or project is unique and draws on a different mix of experts to deliver the right outcomes.

We are fiercely independent, we believe in transparency, we are free from bias and commercial alliances, and we have the freedom to focus entirely on our clients and their success.

Catalyst Package
Our Catalyst package is a personalised support programme for organisations or individuals to define, develop, manage, measure, and maximise their ambitions and impact.
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Consultancy & Advisory
We inspire, motivate and create opportunities and ideas, which stimulate, challenge and act as guides for robust conversations and improvement.
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Capacity Building
We facilitate intimate and engaging experiences, which are a kind of an inspiration factory and encouragement network.
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Adessy’s Definitions:

Investment = capital, energy, time, knowledge, networks etc.

Social return = a multitude of (indirect) non-financial gains that have social and environmental value. To give a flavour of social return, measures can relate to impact on recipients; employee engagement; improved opportunities and quality of life; new knowledge, thinking and ways of doing; open dialogue; new partnerships or engagement... and so much more.

Innovation return = a multitude of (indirect) non-financial gains that can lead to transformation - new products, services, processes or new markets; enhancing opportunities - such as changing composition of products, services or processes; or on an individual level - rethinking the ways you do things on a daily b asis, creative thinking, being curious and experimenting, realising ambitions... etc.

How We Do It

We believe a better world is possible and we want to make it happen.

With our highly personal approach, we work with organisations and individuals from around the world who are engaged thinkers and / or doers of sustainable and wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or philanthropic activities.

Adessy tailors Catalyst packages, Consulting and Advisory and Capacity Building services to meet client’s needs and budget.

Adessy incorporates a pragmatic understanding of social, environmental, economic and human ethical principles. This allows us to focus on generating positive and sustainable outcomes that drive longer-term value, greater profit potential and facilitate positive change.

Typically, our clients benefit from our support with, for example:

  • Communicating activities and adding value to clients, investors, suppliers, and end users
  • Refining strategy or generating new, innovative sustainability concepts and/or ways of executing those
  • Feasibility or research studies
  • Measuring the impact of activities already in place
  • Developing leadership champions who blend purpose, strategy, collaboration and engagement to effect systemic change and sustainable prosperity
Adessy works from the premise that positive change and business outcomes are mutually reinforcing.
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Our theory of change embraces head and heart. Every successful philanthropic effort requires: Vision, Values, Logical Thinking, Planning, Connections and Sustainable Action.
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Our Experience
Who We Are

At the heart of everything we do, is our desire to do the right thing - for our clients, people and community. Acting with integrity is vitally important to us.

Meet The Team

Leesa Muirhead Founder
Leesa is a collaborator, visionary, gentle disruptor and entrepreneur who brings almost 20 years experience to catalysing positive change.
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Rebecca Logan Associate
Becca has 20 years' experience of working together with business, non-profits and individuals to create sustainable change across a number of issues and sectors.
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Advisory Board

Olive Boles Chief Executive, Leuka
Leuka is a charity that raises funds to support life saving research into the causes and treatment of leukaemia and other blood disorders.
Amanda Bowman
Amanda specialises in helping to change the way business does business, in particular in how to change or develop business models and processes that have a benefit on society and international development.
Andrew Heath MD Phd
Andrew is a strategically focused senior business leader with a track record of outstanding results in the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industry.
Michael Ison Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management
Michael practised originally as a private client lawyer at City law firm, Berwin Leighton Paisner, handling tax and trust issues.

It is the policy of Adessy Associates not to discriminate against any applicant on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability. All Adessy personnel – including, but not limited to, those who are responsible for hiring and promoting employees or Associates for the development and implementation of programmes or activities – are charged to support this policy. We actively value diversity and wouldn’t be the organisation we are without it.


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